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An Innovative Opportunity in the Yacht Brokerage Business

The yacht brokerage business has always been a kind of closed-door business, limited to a few.

Boatshed, the world’s largest brokerage, now offers a unique opportunity in the business to earn a healthy profit.

Earn 20%, 40% and in some cases 60% of the Brokerage commission when boats sell, as you take on a smaller or larger part in the boat sales process.

Boatshed has reformulated the sales process into five modules. Module 1 and Module 2 processes require no selling or negotiating skills —  you simply need to love boats!

Neil Chapman

“Boatshed is famous for disrupting the brokerage trade with innovations. Now we have once again revolutionised it, in a way that offers exceptional opportunities to those in the marine industry and other entrepreneurs. These can now earn new revenue streams with access to the extraordinary support and resources that Boatshed offers.”

Neil ChapmanBoatshed CEO

Module 1

Finding Boats for Sale

The foundational module is finding a listing. Find a listing that leads to a sale and you will earn 20% of the sales commission. Register as a referrer, enter the name of the boat, the owner’s name, and your name on Boatshed’s online platform and Boatshed will do the rest. You’ll be informed at every stage of the sales process. If the sale proceeds to completion, you’ll receive your 20% automatically.

Module 2

Photography and Local Representative

Or take on an additional module: Module 2 includes meeting the owner on board, taking the photographs and video for compiling the listing, accompanying buyers on viewings,surveys/demonstrations and surveys, then finally handing over the keys upon sale. For these you will receive 20% of the commission when the boat sells.

By completing Module 1 and Module 2 you’ll receive 40% of the brokerage commission — without engaging in negotiations and without prior experience as a yacht broker!

Module 3

Brokering the Deal and Dealing With Customers

Opportunities may arise for the right people to train as Boatshed Brokers. This involves advanced training and demonstrated skills.
For those who qualify when the need for additional brokers arises, this could lead to a new and lucrative career, and an additional 20% of the brokerage commission when a boat sells.
The Certified Boatshed Broker module includes liaison with sellers and customers, price and contract negotiations, contract execution, issue resolution, working with other marine professionals, and other critical components of the boat sales process. You will receive 60% of the commission when the boat sells if you complete the first three modules of the sales process!

Modules 4 + 5

4 – Administration, Marketing and Accounting

Module 4 is handled by our Boatshed HQ Brokerage Team.  The team is responsible for preparing all of the sales paperwork, handling marketing and advertising campaigns, performing quality control of all of the Boatshed listings being added to our site and ensuring security of buyer and seller funds.

5 – Support and Technology

Boatshed HQ is responsible for providing the best brokerage software in the business and it is our responsibility to make sure the quality, efficiency and also the security of the software and systems are maintained.