Key facts about Boatshed

Boatshed is one of the largest international yacht brokerages in the world with locations in USA, Europe, Australia and Asia, specialising in the sale and purchase of second-hand sail and motor boats. The original business set up in the UK 15 years ago has grown into a major international business and is a well-known cornerstone of the yacht brokerage industry in the UK and overseas.


We have dealt with over 25,000 boats for sale so far using our cutting edge systems.


Today we have over 740,000 registered customers looking for boats to buy.


Our website attracts over 260,000 unique visitors each month.


We sell 57% of the boats that we list.


We sell more than 1,000 boats each year.


We sell boats twice a quickly as other brokers, based upon independent industry statistics.

Global Presence

Today, we have a team of about 120 specialist Brokers, Agents and Representatives, operating from 63 locations in 18 countries, supported by a central HQ team of 10 professionals.  As well as selling boats, we work closely with the British Marine and a host of major international maritime associations across the world, promoting boating plus the interests and the well being of boat owners.

Sales Platform

Boatshed’s online sales platform is widely acknowledged as the very best in the industry.  We have pioneered the clear and transparent marketing and sale of used boats online.  Our IT systems are constantly being developed and improved by our team of dedicated designers to make it easier, quicker and more cost effective for our owners to list and sell boats, and for our customers to find the right boat at the right price as quickly as possible.

Boatshed is a dynamic, highly successful organisation, structured around local Brokers and marine businesses earning sales commission in a wide variety of circumstances.  The business is expanding in both the established and emerging marine markets, in the UK and internationally, presenting excellent opportunities for new Boatshed Brokers in most sectors.